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Paris Fall 2013 Fashion Trend Report

Written By: liv - Jul• 23•13


Paris is a city that loves its fashion. It is a city of romantic endeavors and beauty. Not surprisingly many fashion trends that originate in Paris from prom dresses, wedding gowns, cocktail dresses and casual wear finally find their way into the world’s top trending fashions. For the fall of 2013, this is what has been trending in Paris runways:

Navy Blue

Navy blue has replaced black as the chosen official color. It is dark, classic and intense. The Navy blue outfits, which were first popularized by the British Royal Navy, will surely make heads turn come this winter. It can be worn from head to toe and is perfect for a cocktail dress or for a heavy men’s coat.

Leather Heights

Leather will probably always be in fashion, with the only variable being the way it is worn. Leather coated legs with thigh-high boots and a choice of slick stockings is one of the craziest fads in Paris this fall 2013. Tuck your leather heights into boots to appear as if they were stockings or choose soft leather to have a more feminine look.

Beauty in the Day

The beauty in the Day look is a casual uptown look that comprise of wearing fur on your bare skin. The look is accentuated by lingerie details, vinyl trench coats and complementing makeup. Although not a look to adorn in a formal evening, the Beauty in the Day outfit makes for the most sensual wear.

Powder Pink Coats

Critics have labeled Powder Pink Coats as a breeze that is floated through the fall of 2013 collections. This is generally because while the fad has been to make cocktail dresses and pants in strong coats, the designers opted for a softer color when it came to the coats. Powder pink has been the most popular coat color for most of the designers. The coats, which resemble a hued rose flower paints romanticism in another color and gives a softer glee for fall the season.


Camo dresses have been there for long. But the Paris Fall fashion reports an all-time high experimenting in the designs and cuts with prints from Africa marking a heavy influence. They are excellent for unique and sexy prom dresses. their complementary has been khaki, mountain ranger looks and stripes.

100% Caiman

Leather and skins have had a great influence this fall. To cap it up, head-to-toe crocodile wear has been one irresistible outfit. Wildly luxurious and seductive, the style is better worn in its true natural form and forms good cocktail dresses for a casual romantic-themed evening.


Oversized and pin-striped version of suits for the ladies, this trend will most probably make ladies steal their boyfriend’s suits this fall. The trend was more popularized by the suit worn by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the movie The Great Gatsby.

This list can go on and on as both popular and little-known designers display their Paris fall 2013 fashion creations in the runways. What’s a matter of fact is that Paris continues to be an industry frontrunner when it comes to setting worldwide fashion treands.

Latest Bags and Dress Statements

Written By: liv - Mar• 02•13

Sleeveless DressEvery year, people are already expecting some changes when it comes to the different fashion trends and style. Thus, being an avid fan of those fashion statements, it is best for you to become aware of those latest when it comes to dresses and bags that best worn nowadays by celebrities. When it comes to the latest trends in fashion, it is already expected and anticipated that actors and actresses are among the people who will start wearing on the different styles and designs of dresses. In this case, you will have the chance to know about fashion and know the things that will also suit you.

However, aside from looking through the latest fashion with these celebrity people, there is still another thing that you can do in order to be abreast with the latest trends when it comes to dresses and bags. All you have to do is to read some fashion magazines since most of the fashion suggestions are being published there. However, when you are also an avid fan of the online fashion world, then there are millions of articles that you can also read when it comes to the latest stuffs that you can also follow. In this article, I can also share you some of the latest styles and trends of fashionable dresses and bags that you will surely love.


  1. Sleeveless Casual dresses. Nowadays, this is one of the most in trend dress for women. Most of the latest launched fashionable dresses nowadays portray the said design. Most of the designers would stress out that because of the too much heat of the environment; women have to be comfortable with what they wear by wearing those comfortable cloths use in this kind of dress. There are lots of designs, color and style that you can choose if you wish to have the said style of dress. Aside from wearing it for comfort, this is also best worn during social gatherings and occasions.

  2. Halter dresses. For women, this is another latest dress for this year. This is the most perfect dress for those slim women out there. This is mostly worn during weddings and attending special gatherings. Halter dresses will give you an enhance beauty especially when you are wearing it along some other colorful accessories in the neck or in your ear.

  3. Sling bags. This is also the latest style of bags for this year. For both formal and informal occasion, you can make use of the different kinds of sling bags right away!